Cupcake Flights for Valentine’s @ Campus Gas



Vegan Cupcakes

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Cupcake Flights for Valentine’s at Campus Gas

Saturday, February 12 from 2-5 pm
The tastiest flight you’ll ever take! 4 Mini Cupcakes paired with a bubbly Flight of 4: two ciders, a champagne and a seltzer.
Lemon cupcake with Raspberry frosting
A perfect treat for fruit lovers. These tangy lemon cupcakes are topped with a dollop of sweet raspberry frosting.
Chocolate cupcake with Raspberry frosting
For those who love chocolate and a little more. Our rich chocolate cupcakes are made with organic cocoa and topped with a burst of sweet raspberry frosting.
Vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting
Our classic vanilla cupcakes and vanilla frosting has been upgraded and flavored with pure sweet and mellow Madagascar vanillin
Pink champagne cupcake with strawberry frosting
You won’t get a buzz only a light sweet and tangy taste from these pink champagne flavored cupcakes, decorated with a swirl of strawberry frosting.
PS – Everything is Vegan & GF!